Our new and innovative hand-held snack and brand, Wrapsters, is here and ready to take the world of on-the-go food by storm. With flavours and influences from around the world, we have a Wrapster to suit any taste.


Italian Meatball

A taste and flavour combination truly inspired by Italy. Pork and beef in a rich flavourful tomato and herb sauce, all wrapped up in a soft white tortilla for you to enjoy on the go… Delizioso!


Sweet Chilli Chicken

A tasty perfect ‘grab-and-go’ snack that’s perfect for the daily grind or as a quick snack in front of the telly. Our succulent chicken in a sticky sweet chilli sauce is enveloped in a soft white tortilla that will really hit the spot.


BBQ Pulled Pork

A real American inspired flavour combination. Shredded slow cooked pork coated with a rich and tasty BBQ-style sauce, all wrapped up in a soft white tortilla for you to enjoy on-the-go as an easy handheld snack.


Chicken Tikka

A soft white tortilla wrap filled with succulent chicken and vegetables in a spiced coconut and tomato sauce to create the ultimate Tikka inspired hand held snack.


Ready to eat your Wrapster? Follow these simple steps to a great tasting snack! In a few short minutes,
your Wrapster will be in your hands and ready to chow down on!

yankee-snacks-wrapsters illustrations-01-01

Unzip your Wrapster by pulling on the strip and tearing it off.

yankee-wrapsters illustrations-03

Heat in the microwave – be sure to follow the correct instructions on the package.

yankee-wrapsters illustrations-02

Flip over your Wrapster and rip down on the top of the package to open.

yankee-wrapsters illustrations-04

Time to dig in! Let your Wrapster stand for a couple minutes before eating, then enjoy!



Got an amazing idea for a new product? Or have you created a sensational meal combination using a Yankee product? Something like a super stacker Mexican style burger with jalapeños and spicy salsa? (we know, we know – that sounds delicious right about now!)


We’d love to hear about how you did it and try it out for ourselves. Let us know using the link below and we will pass it onto our special taste testing team! Who knows – you may see your idea on the shelves one day!