Twin Packs


With new and improved recipes and a packaging makeover, the original Yankee snack twin packs are a real all round favourite and a classic treat for the whole family.


Southern Fried Chicken Burgers

A twin pack of tasty succulent chicken burgers coated in our own special southern fried seasoning mix and served on soft white buns. Perfect microwaved as a quick snack or add a side of creamy coleslaw and onion rings to create a full meal.


Doner Kebabs with Chilli Sauce

No need to order a takeaway. Save money, time and effort with our authentic tasting Doner Kebabs with chilli sauce. Great as a quick snack or fill with shredded lettuce and extra sliced onions for a great weekend treat.


Flamed Cheese Burgers

Flamed grilled for extra flavour, our juicy beef burgers are served in a soft white bun with a slice of cheese. Make it even more mouth-watering and top them with extra lettuce, beef tomatoes and a tangy burger relish for that fast food taste.


Hot Dogs in Rolls

All-American street food style hot dogs served in soft white buns. A real winner with the whole family and great to enjoy as a speedy snack or paired with extra toppings as a tasty meal.


BBQ Pork Rib Burgers

Introducing our newest taste sensation! Our BBQ Pork Rib Burgers combine the bold flavours of grilling and barbecue to deliver big taste, real fast. Add your own delicious sides such as southern style fries and coleslaw for that all-American feel.


Are you ready to take on the Twin Pack? Follow these simple steps and your Twin Pack will be ready in just a few minutes!

duos illustrations-02

Remove your Twin Pack meal from all packaging including film.

duos illustrations-03

Place one item without the bread onto a microwavable plate.

duos illustrations-01

Heat in the microwave – following the correct instructions on the package.

duos illustrations-04

Time to dig in! Don’t forget to dress your Twin Pack meal with your favourite toppings. Bon appetit!



Got an amazing idea for a new product? Or have you created a sensational meal combination using a Yankee product? Something like a super stacker Mexican style burger with jalapeños and spicy salsa? (we know, we know – that sounds delicious right about now!)


We’d love to hear about how you did it and try it out for ourselves. Let us know using the link below and we will pass it onto our special taste testing team! Who knows – you may see your idea on the shelves one day!