Family Size


Our new Yankee Family Size range offers you bigger portions and servings for quick and easy meal options for all the family to enjoy with minimal effort.


4 Portion, Deep Fill Lasagne

Dig in to our deep-fill, Italian-inspired lasagne. Its thick & tasty layers of cheese, pasta, and sauce combine to make this indulgent meal for the whole family.


Doner Meat Strips

Make our delicious doner meat into a fantastically filling meal! Serve it with pitta bread, garlic sauce and fresh salad for the ultimate takeaway experience in the comfort of your home.



Got an amazing idea for a new product? Or have you created a sensational meal combination using a Yankee product? Something like a super stacker Mexican style burger with jalapeños and spicy salsa? (we know, we know – that sounds delicious right about now!)


We’d love to hear about how you did it and try it out for ourselves. Let us know using the link below and we will pass it onto our special taste testing team! Who knows – you may see your idea on the shelves one day!